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San Diego Drywall Patchwork

Professional Drywall Patchwork And Repair

Drywall patchwork is a large part of our business at Professional Drywall.  On many projects plumbers, electricians and contractors move walls or cut holes in drywall – sometimes to re-route wires or to work on leaking pipes.  Following their work or repairs, these areas then require drywall patchwork and texture.  The goal of drywall patchwork is to have the walls look like they were never damaged.

When repairing a large number of holes it is more efficient to cut out one big area instead of patching many small areas.  With water damaged drywall, any wet drywall must be cut out and the area allowed to dry for a few days.  Once dry, we can insulate the area (if needed) and begin the patchwork. Most drywall patchwork jobs can be completed within a day or two.

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